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Thank you YEU Family! | YEU Summer GA 2024

Dear YEU friends, this month the YEU family gathered online on the 20th of June, on the occasion of the YEU General Assembly2024  – Summer Edition. 

The meeting commenced with welcoming remarks from YEU President Tamara Cvetković, who also chaired the General Assembly. 

After the identification of AO members, rapporteurs, and the chair, the General Assembly officially began with the adoption of the Summer GA 2024 agenda and the approval of the winter GA 2023 minutes. 

Afterwards, YEU MOs were updated on both the YEU projects and initiatives developed during the first six months of 2024 and the current financial status. They were also called to approve the Audit Report 2023. 

The first part of the half-day assembly focused also on YEU Membership Applications. Specifically, YEU MOs were introduced to and, after the presentation of the Membership Committee report, voted on the admission of three new obsterve member organisations: CCBE from Sweden, NVO Eco-team from Montenegro and Permacultura Cantabria from Spain.

After a well-deserved coffee break, YEU MOs engaged in networking activities. Divided into three groups – group Y, group E and group U – YEU MOs brainstormed ideas and proposals on YEU priorities for the upcoming years, membership strategy improvement and potential partnership. 

Moderated by members of the YEU GB and AO, the networking breakout rooms provided space for  MO to formulate opinions and suggestions on these three main topics. These ideas were then shared and debated during the plenary session, which marked the conclusion of the activity. 

Before closing the General Assembly, the YEU President opened the discussion about the venue of the next Winter General Assembly of 2024, inviting interested MOs to propose themselves in the upcoming month.  

The YEU General Assembly represents a crucial moment for the YEU members  to gather, address needs, and provide inputs and proposals to strengthen our work and cooperation. 

We thank all our MOs for their active participation and we look forward to meeting you in person at the YEU General Assembly – Winter Edition 2024! 


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