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Coffee With the GB Member Candidates & MOs Networking Meeting on Zoom!

Coffee With the GB Member Candidates & MOs Networking Meeting on Zoom!


The “Coffee With” event is one of YEU’s digital traditions, as many of you know and many of you join almost all sessions.  It is a virtual meeting on zoom with a lot of special guests and various topics that enlighten young people, boost their motivation, inform them on different trends in the world and the most important connect them with each other and with YEU.


This month, our Coffee With was a double session due to a special occasion in YEU’s agenda. A Networking Event followed the “Coffee With…” event in order to create an atmosphere for YEU’s Member Organisations to engage with each other and YEU HQ. It gave everybody the opportunity to meet each other online, to feel closer and to catch up together with a cup of coffee.


“Coffee With…”  started on the 21st of June at 16.00 (CET) via Zoom with young people from the YEU network and YEU’s Governing Board Candidates for the mandate of 2023 – 2025 right before the YEU General Assembly 2023 Summer Edition where we had the elections on 23th of June Friday.


The topic of this ‘Coffee with’ was “YEU’s Governing Board Elections and the candidates for 2023 – 2025”. We listened to our GB member candidates’ opinions, insights as well as their expectations. It was an efficient meeting because all our participants from the network became witnesses of the real policy-making process in terms of an NGO in the youth work field. This time, Valbona Makovci moderated our “Coffee With…” in a very colourful way, which encouraged everybody to take active part by raising hands, sending emojis, and writing in the chat during the event.


After Valbona briefly presented  YEU, YEU’s activities and PET, the “Coffee With…” officially started. First part was an open discussion with the Governing Board candidates for the  elections in GA which was under the moderation of Valbona Makovci and the second part was focusing on networking, which was moderated by Tenna Sørensen in a very fruitful way.


Each candidate presented themselves in 1 minute and then the questions were asked by the moderator. At the end, GB member candidates could present their visions, their experiences and memories with YEU and their estimated working agenda for the next years. It was an effective information session between YEU’s Member Organisations since they are expected to vote on Friday.


In the “Networking Event” part, our moderator Tenna Sørensen was leading the conversation and our audiences presented themselves briefly. Mind Mapping and brainstorming is done through a jamboard where our Member Organisations could express their ideas, expectations and experiences clearly.


We, as YEU, would like to send our appreciation one more time to our moderator of “Coffee With…” Valbona Makovci and our moderator of “Networking Event” Tenna Sørensen for their precious time and efficient contribution to our events. Also, we are sending many thanks to our audiences for being with us during these virtual meetings. Lastly, we wish the best of luck to YEU’s new Governing Board for their further engagement within the YEU International.


We invite all of you to check our Instagram to see how it went and check our social media accounts to keep being updated for the next Coffee With!


Stay understanding, the rest will follow!


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