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Many shared, many inspired and all Digi-Upped!

Many shared, many inspired and all Digi-Upped!


It was a great experience to organise the second event of our Digi-Up project on 1st of June as well as the first one on the 23rd of May. During the second online meeting, dozens of young people and experts from European and Sub-Saharan Countries met with each other virtually to share their experiences and present their cultures and languages. 


The second zoom meeting of the welcoming activities started at 10.00 CET on 1st of June and lasted until 13.00 CET. During 3 hours, there were 2 different activities. The first one was about discovering the traditions of each country including a virtual cultural meal and the second one was full of different team building activities, which included all the participants, so everybody was actively involved during the sessions creating a great outcome!


In sum, it was the second welcoming event of the Digi-Up project. In the first one, the participants learnt more about the project, project’s partners and overview of the project. In the second welcoming event, participants gained more knowledge about different countries and their cultures, tourism, languages etc. During the meeting, YEU Team created some breakout sessions on zoom and facilitated an online activity. In these breakout rooms, each participant taught some main phrases in their languages to the rest of the group. At the end of the session, all participants were  excited to hear about different languages and cultures. 


Moreover, we are happy to see all of the participants were digitally engaged with each other during the sessions. Amazing presentations and efficient outcomes were the best part of the events from our sides. We hope to meet all of you soon again and we would like to send many “virtual hearts” to those who were with us during the activity !


If you have more questions about the project or events, you can always contact us via .


Stay tuned for more information!


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