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Training on democracy, participation and civic engagement and Implementing workshops – CID

As part of the project “(Local) Youth Participation Matters” we had a few activities this month that encompass the training on democracy, participation and civic engagement and the implementation of the local workshops.

The training on democracy, participation and civic engagement was held in Berovo. We had the participants from the Municipalities Struga and Mavrovo – Rostushe. The participants were coming from the local youth NGOs and the local youth party wings that are active within these two municipalities.

The participants had the opportunity to learn more about advocacy, youth participation, civic engagement, human rights etc. Additionally, they have created a few local advocacy initiatives that they will implement when they return back to their local communities.

Regarding the workshops, in October we continued with the implementation of workshops in 8 municipalities where the project is being implemented. The workshops are devoted for the young people and are facilitated by their peers. The purpose of the workshops is to strengthen the capacity of the young

facilitators and to provide an additional knowledge of the participants on topics related to human rights, leadership, youth participation, multiculturalism, eco issues etc.

In each municipality we have two teams of two facilitators who do the facilitation.

*This project is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in RNM.


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