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Training on Digital Youth Activists – CID

In the middle of January, Center for Intercultural Dialogue organized a training course for Digital Youth Activists where young people from Kumanovo, Lipkovo, and Staro Nagoricane had a chance to participate and gain new skills for Volunteering, Leadership, Youth Activism, Volunteerism, Local participation and Digital tools.

On the first day the participants once again had a teambuilding session through various fun activities. In the next few days, participants had a chance to get familiar with the topics of Volunteerism, Leadership, Youth Activism and Youth participation through role plays where they enjoyed learning and getting involved with these very important topics. And so on, the participants had a chance to learn more about Digital tools because the main focus of this training was a combination of various topics such as learning how to use a specific digital tool that the participants later will be using for creating and implementing local advocacy campaigns.

On the last two days, participants actively worked on creating the campaigns/initiatives and presenting them. After the training, the participants will actively work in implementing the local advocacy campaigns/initiatives.

Stay tuned for more!

The project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.



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