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Towards the closure of the iSER project

The “Integrated Sports Education Plan to Address Youth Racism” is a project that proposes an innovative and integrated approach to building key competences in the youth environment, based on a design approach focused on sport.
The project follows an innovative approach based on non-formal education methods and tools, involving those working closely with young people. The overall objective of this project is to develop the capacities of European youth and sport management authorities and youth workers so that they can address the growing problem of racism in young people with innovative tools, a resilient management, and a solid sense of their ethical boundaries as practitioners.

In October YEU hosted the second face to face meeting of the iSer projectthe Best Form Tools Meeting. We hosted our partners from Latvia, Greece, Serbia and Slovenia in the YEU Office to discuss the project and the project output, specifically iSER Manual, which will be the main outcome of the project. Now the project has come to an end after the Evaluation meeting happened in Greece.

On December 15th, 2022, YEU was in Thessaloniki, Greece, for the final meeting of the ISER project, hosted by our partner organisation Fifty-fifty. 

This was the final meeting of the project, during which the partner organisations went over the final steps of the project, evaluated the process and the partnership during the past year. It was a great opportunity to meet the partners face to face again and to finalize the last steps of the project!

YEU Friends, this is not the only project that comes to an end, even EduSport Project is officially finished.
The end of a year is connected to the closure of some past projects, but it also means the opening of new projects. Are you curious to discover the news? 


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