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WeMusic – Bodrum’s Memories

The WEMusic project – “Wide Music Education Network promotes international cooperation among young people for social inclusion, active citizenship and the creation of job opportunities” – aims to promote cooperation between programme organisations and partner countries to promote the quality and recognition of youth work and non-formal learning activities, in particular for young people with fewer opportunities in order to improve the level of skills while ensuring the active participation of young people in society.

It’s been a month since the first WeMusic event, face to face. The WEMusic team met between 6th and 11th of December in Bodrum, Türkiye, for the first mobility of the project. 

During the mobility, 50 young participants from the six partner countries that are Belgium, Türkiye, Palestine, Italy, Tunisia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, came together to discuss the methodologies of peer-to-peer learning, intercultural dialogue and freedom of expression, but especially to make music together. The activity lasted 5 days, and in these days the participants took part in numerous sessions based on the non-formal education method. They had the opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and knowledge and learn from each other different nuances of what music represents in their lives, the bond that music can create. 

Among the most important results of this project is to emphasize the true and deep bond that the participants have managed to create between them. Music made it possible to speak a single common language and, despite the difference in experience, background and reality, everyone felt an integral part of the experience.

The first mobility was a success, but it is only the beginning. The participants returned to their homes, but the Partners got back to work. The partners are getting ready for the second activity that will take place in May in Tunisia..
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The WeMusic project rocks!

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