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Two new publications are available: Brave New You Reloaded & Plan B

2022 has been a year full of projects for YEU. Brave New You Reloaded and Plan B were two of these projects. 

Brave New YOU Reloaded explored the reasons behind the lack of participation of disadvantaged and less represented young people in communities around Europe with an idea to propose concrete solutions to enhance their participation based on local activities during the project. Even if the project was heavily affected by the COVID19, disadvantaged young people have been at the core of the project, discussing solutions and implementing local initiatives. They have been supported by youth workers and youth organisations who provided capacity building activities, helped them to identify and deconstruct hateful narratives, and build more inclusive ones for their communities. The project gathered 11 partners from 10 countries around Europe working with diverse groups of young people in disadvantaged areas on a local level, or representing them and providing space for their participation on an international level.

“Plan B – Strengthening Resilience of Youth Organisations” was a long-term project that consists of several different steps. During the process, the aim was to prepare youth workers, educators, coordinators, managers of youth organisations to develop resilience strategies in terms of organisational and people management with a focus on supporting beneficiaries (young people, citizens, local communities in general) in the times of crisis. The publication includes the organisational resilience and sustainability strategies; and there are recommendations made by youth workers for youth organisations on how to develop resilience, boost productivity and become more sustainable.

The two projects have produced two interesting new publications and are now available in two formats – physical copies and digital versions.  

You can find the physical copies in the YEU Office in Brussels and the digital formats of the publications can be found through the links below:


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