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Superheroes of Climate Change – The Website

Superheroes of Climate Change has officially come to an end!

“The Superheroes of Climate Change” is the YEU Work Plan 2022, and the purpose of this project is to enhance the feeling of the ownership of green agenda and pursue its mainstreaming – ensuring it is high on priority list of every citizen no matter of age – by bringing the climate change closer to hearts and realities of young people around Europe by applying positive approach and “we can do it” attitude. The aim of the work plan is to empower young people to be the frontrunners of behavioral changes towards more sustainable and greener lifestyles making the fight against global warming personal and doable for each individual. YEU aimed at gathering organisations coming from different and diverse contexts, EU and non-EU, for the purpose of learning from each other, sharing information and practices but also contributing to the outcomes of the Superheroes Workplan with their own different realities. This Project was co-founded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

The project was composed with 3 activities: 

  • “Creating the core” training course for Superheroes was organised in Metlika, Slovenia in June 2022. This activity aimed at establishing the core of the project – both in terms of Superheroes selection as well as the building the grounds related to the topics young people in 10 local communities around Europe will be tackling at both local and European level.
  • “Telling a story” Youth Exchange but also 40th YEU Convention was organised in Stratoni, Greece and Ohrid, North Macedonia with a group of 55 people in the second half of September.
  • The evaluation meeting “Making the change” was held in Brussels, Belgium, from the end of November to the beginning of December, with a group of young people who participated in the first and/or second activity of the project.

It has been a long process but indeed full of beautiful memories. Sometimes, moments like these can be forgotten and that is why all our memories will be contained in one of the Outcomes of the project: “Superheroes of Climate Change” Website.

On the Superheroes of Climate Change website, there will not only be memories but also results and all the outcomes of the projects. In fact, you can find downloadable versions of the participants’ Action Plans, Local Campaigns, Policy Recommendations and Tips & Tricks on how to become Superheroes of Climate Change. 

The action plan was used by participants in both first and the second activity of the project to identify the needs of their local communities. The Superheroes learned how to create active initiatives to tackle local climate problems, and then develop concrete actions on their territory. 

Local Campaigns represent the practical application of what participants learned while writing Action Plans. Between the second and third activities of the project, the participants created and implemented some initiatives at local level. The specific objective and target of these campaigns changes from Campaign to Campaign, but the overall goal was to make people in their countries of origin more aware of what climate change means to our planet and possible strategies to slow it down. 

Policy Recommendations are divided into four main themes: Ignorance and Lack of Education Among European Youth; Fast Fashion; Less use of Plastic; Consumerism. The objective of the policy recommendations is to inform the main institutions and stakeholders about the significant problems regarding climate change and the need for action.

Tips & Tricks are another outcome of the project: the goal of the participants was to create a useful document for the future Superheroes of Climate Change and provide them advice on what to do and what not to do.

On the website, you can also find all the people involved in the planning and organization of this project: Project Partners, Co-Founders, Hosting Partners, YEU PET Members, YEU Office.

We don’t want to tell you everything, so we kindly invite you to go and discover everything else by clicking the link below!


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