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Meet Beyza – our new Project Assistant at YEU. 

Born in 1996 in Ankara, Türkiye and raised in different cities/towns in the North, Aegean and Eastern parts of Türkiye, she has been a young professional and a passionate ‘Bruxelloise’ for 5 years now.

She is a sedulous, self-driven, meticulous and goal-oriented real team player with a “can do” mentality. Her persistently diverse interest for life-long learning and the interactions with different sectors and global affairs have motivated her to undertake various projects, visit and live abroad even more.

Beyza has successfully completed a bachelor’s degree ‘Political Science: International Relations’ at Ankara University (2019)  and a specialization master’s degree ‘International Relations: Security, Peace and Conflict’ (2022) at Free University of Brussels. During her studies, she held active roles at different NGOs/International Organisations on Latin America, Business and Industry, Interoperability and Defence and European Affairs for different countries in order to have a wider understanding of the world. She also took the initiative to do a ‘45 day Interrail Project’ in summer 2015, observing the general life conditions and challenges faced by the emigrating Syrian people at that time.

She is still growing, being witness to what is happening around the world. ‘Peace follows understanding’, thus exploring out of her comfort zone and meeting people from different backgrounds is her main motivation in life. 

She speaks Turkish and English fluently, and has a decent level of French and German. She loves trying different things and is curious to strengthen her dancing skills in Tango. She is a passionate scenario writer, Bach-lover, a horse-trainer and a foodie! She stands for human rights and freedom of choice. Above all, child safety is a vital priority in her life.

Beyza is excited to join the YEU family and everything that comes along with it!


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