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Welcome Martina!

We are happy to welcome Martina to the YEU team!

Martina is the new intern at YEU. Born and raised in Italy, she graduated in Sociology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan and is now completing her MA in Policies for International Development Cooperation at the same University.

Martina is passionate about various themes such as sustainability and development, climate change, the protection of flora and fauna and social inclusion. She is also interested in how these issues are related to Geopolitics and, thus, tackled by the International System. Martina collaborates with a think-tank in Italy and has had the opportunity to deal closely with these issues: for example she has written articles about the situation in Lebanon and the sustainability in the country, in addition to recording podcasts covering a wide array of topics. She also had the opportunity to increase her organisational skills, her planning skills, to improve sociability and the ability to work in a team while being involved in those projects. 

In 2021, she participated in the event called “The Last 20” in Milan: the event had the objective of addressing the issues of climate change and sustainability through the stories of the 20 least developed countries.

She speaks Italian and English, but she also took basic French and Arabic courses which allowed her to deepen her knowledge of other cultures and languages. She is ready and excited to start this new adventure!


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