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YEU Attending Events in Brussels | April 2024

Over the month of April, YEU has been invited to join different events revolving around youth inclusion, freedom of speech protection and democracy. 

On the 8th of April, in the framework of the EU Roma week, Chiara Veronese, our Membership and Communication Officer and Camille Chesta, our Communication Volunteer, attended a workshop on combating hate-speech organized by the Council of Europe in Brussels. 

Two days later, our Fundraising and Project Officer Luigi Briatore participated on behalf of YEU in: “Defence of Democracy Package & fundamental rights: What is at stake?” event, hosted by the MEP and member of the Committee on Civil Liberties Anna Donath and co-organised by Civil Society Europe (CSE) and the European University Association (EUA). 

The event took place at the European Parliament and it was focused on the European Commission’s proposed Directive to introduce harmonized rules in the internal market on transparency of interest representation carried out on behalf of third countries, in the light of the current discussions in the European Parliament and within the Council of the EU.

The initiative gathered diverse key stakeholders from policymaking, academia and civil society who explored the possible unwarranted impacts of the Directive in terms of freedom of association and expression, while reflecting on the lessons learned from existing similar measures established in Europe and beyond. 

Discussion panel was moderated by the director of the Civil Society Europe and saw the participation of Pablo Arias Echeverría (Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection rapporteur); Christel Vacelet (Head of the International Office of the Université Catholique de Louvain); Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (Committee on Constitutional Affairs member); Alexandrina Najmowicz (European Civic Forum Secretary General) and Linda Ravo (Human Rights Associate Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Regional Office for Europe). 

In the final part of the debate, the discussion panel opened the floor to the other attendees for a Q&A session before the closing of the event. 

Joining this event allowed YEU to know academia and civil society bodies’ concerns about a Directive proposal that, if adopted, will impact a wide range of actors, from civil society organisations to private and public institutions. 

Last but definitely not least, the YEU Membership & Communication Officer Chiara Veronese joined in the Get-together reception event organised last 18th of April by the European Parliament and the Long Life Learning Platform- LLLP at Mundo Trone in Brussels. 

Revolving around the upcoming EU elections, the networking event gathered different representatives from Youth Organisations who had the opportunity to share their current or future campaigns, initiatives and projects regarding youth democratic participation and European elections 2024. Also, they had the chance to exchange ideas and reflections about NGOs and civil society institutions’ engagement in boosting youth interest and access to European politics. 

Being in contact with diverse institutional and civil society players is crucial for YEU in order to foster its social impact and cooperation for the promotion of civil liberties among youth and its engagement in politics and society. 



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