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YEU nomination on the Eastern Partnership CSF: Romaniya Mykyta (IUS)

We are pleased to share with you the nomination of Romaniya Mykyta, the president of our Member Organisation Institute of Ukrainian Studies (IUS), as one of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) delegates nominated for the next two-year cycle (2024-2026). 

Aligned with the EaP mission and scopes, the EaP CSF is a regional civil society platform aimed to foster european integration, promote democratic participation and policy making in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: the six EaP ‘partner countries’. 

In response to the EaP CSF call, candidates are appointed from current members of the Forum and non-members, on the basis of their expression of interest and  according to  the selection criteria, geographic and thematic quotas.

In the spanning of the 2-years mandate, selected delegates will be part of a restricted group of notable civil society organizations engaged in the  EaP and allowed by the EaP CSF’s EaP Civil Society Summit to be actively involved in diverse initiatives funded by the European Union and  into the EaP framework such as: working groups; capacity building programs; annual working groups and General Assembly meetings.

This represents an  exclusive opportunity to collaborate with other organisations based in the EaP countries, as well as  to collaborate with different stakeholders to foster participatory democracy through common regional projects and within the Eastern Partnership policy framework. 

Since 2005, IUS strives to promote Ukrainian youth participation throughout the world by cultivating fruitful collaborations with NGOs and other diverse civil society’s bodies.  

YEU is proud to have IUS in its network and  firmly believes that its presence within the EaP CSF could not only reinforce its valuable effort in spreading a positive image of Ukraine beyond its borders,  but it could also reaffirm its positive relationship with Europe in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation. 


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