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YEU kicked off its first PET Meeting for the Mandate 2023-2024

On the 24th of August 2023, YEU warmly welcomed our PET Members for this year’s and their mandate’s first online meeting. The meeting was moderated by our two PET Co-Coordinators, Dragana Jovanovska and Valbona Makovci, who introduced themselves, the PET, its structure and some of the upcoming activities and opportunities. More than that, it allowed all the PET Members to introduce themselves and express their interests and concerns.

The meeting was a great opportunity for all of our PET Members – old and completely new ones – to meet each other, get to know one another and more about PET and the opportunities that it brings. 

YEU PET (YEU People for Education and Training), is a platform of trainers, organisers and facilitators working for YEU International educational activities such as training courses, youth exchanges, seminars, conventions and similar events. The main role of the PET is to empower, motivate and coach YEU members and Member Organisations. Although PET is not a statutory body, it has a very important role in YEU.


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