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YEU’s 41st Convention is coming up!

Here we are with a few weeks left before we start the YEU 41st Convention, which this year will take place from the 13th to 23rd of September in Stratoni, Greece and hosted by our Member Organisation, USB .

In the framework of the European Year of Skills, The YEU Convention of this year – Think Digi – will focus on digitalisation and digital upskilling of young people. 

The European Year of Skills is a European Commission initiative which aims to provide young people, youth workers and those not in education, employment or training (NEET), opportunities to strengthen  their competences, discover their talents and match their aspirations with labour market requests, to be a part of a just  green and digital transition. In the light of this, YEU will gather organisations and youngsters from disadvantaged  backgrounds across and beyond Europe, to address the European Year of Skills goals through non-formal education activities to undertake mutual learning and  face barriers in entering the labour market. 

Goals of the 41st Convention are:

  • To engage young people from across and beyond Europe including young people from disadvantaged backgrounds; 
  • To provide an access for young people to YEU and provide first-time experiences in international mobility;
  • To dismantle bias and stereotypes through fostering understanding, tolerance and intercultural learning across borders;
  • To build on young people’s skills development to ensure that no one is left behind;
  • To give young people an opportunity to achieve  concrete knowledge and skills on digitalisation as well as realise  their own short videos, which will be edited into a longer video to be spread across and beyond YEU Network to promote the YEU Convention among other non-organised young people in Europe.

Think Digi is getting closer and we are looking forward to embracing the digital age for the youth! 

 To catch up with 41st Convention news and updates, keep an eye on our website and social media!


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