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YEU team in Germany, for Solijugend’s 59th International Youth Camp

Solidaritätsjugend Deutschlands or “Solijugend”, is an independent Youth organisation set up in Germany in 1954. Since then, Solijugend has a long and recognised experience in youth volunteering and youth work, giving young people between the ages of 15 and 26 the chance to meet peers from abroad, do sport, develop intercultural understanding and deepen cultural and social issues through seminars,  workshops, camps and international youth meetings.

From 29th of July to 6th of August, Solijugend organised its 59th Youth Summer Camp in which it welcomed almost 200 young people from various countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. 

This year, the summer camp took place in a school building in Hirschaid, a small town close to Nuremberg. 

Themes and objectives achieved during the camp were focused on understanding multiple discriminations, social pressures to perform in sport and which role sport values, youth work and international friendships play in dismantling them.

Taking part in workshops and activities run by youth workers and  participants was a great opportunity for YEU’s Administrative Office to know Solijugend better and its annual event, while enhancing our collaboration to get young people active and aware world citizens.

Solijugend joined the YEU family as a Member Organisation in 2020.



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