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YEU Team is in Kenya

YEU Team is located in Kenya. To be precise, the team arrived on Monday 24 October in Nairobi and headed to Mombasa on Tuesday 25 October.

Why is the YEU Team in Kenya?

The YEU team is in Kenya for the project  “Youth access to rights through implementing the SDGs”. This project aims to develop capacities of youth leaders and youth led organisations to improve young people’s access to rights through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation plans. As a result of the project, there will be an improved capacity of youth organisations to engage for access to rights in the SDG related reforms and advocate for active youth involvement in the SDG process. The project involves 11 partners from Europe, Africa, South America, Central Asia and the Pacific, in a truly global intercultural learning environment. 

The project results will be noticeable in the capacity of youth organisations to work on access to rights for young people in the SDG framework. Some of the results are: awareness and new skills on advocacy for access to rights, the mapping and policy brief papers produced by young people and the engagement of the young people globally to promote the SDGs. 

The project is established on developing the Advocacy capacities of youth organisations and young people to advocate for their access to rights within the SDGs implementation process. It is intended as a long-term process providing youth engagement and sharing activities.

The youth exchange will last for 7 working days and will engage young people to better understand what access to rights is, how rights based approach came about and which Human Rights are connected with the SDGs. The exchange will also introduce the topic of intersectionality and the young people will explore it through the multicultural society in Kenya and make parallels to their home societies. 


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