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Superheroes: the third activity!

It’s been almost a month since the 40th YEU Convention and we are ready for the next activity.

The aim of Activity 3 is to bring participants from Activities one and two, together, to assess the success and the impact of the storytelling campaigns at the local level as well as their applicability to climate change actions from a perspective of climate communications. The objectives of the activity are: to gather 30 participants from 10 communities to develop recommendations on green agenda mainstreaming at both local and European level based on their campaigns and project related experiences; to evaluate the overall process and applicability of the approaches used to youth organisations working directly with young people at the local level; to plan further actions at both local and European level related to climate change and environmental consciousness as an informal network of climate change activists Participants will develop recommendations towards local authorities, schools, youth organisations and European level taking direct engagement of young people into account when developing and implementing measures important for their future. 

As a closing activity of the workplan, this will be an opportunity for the participants of the previous activities to reflect, assess and present their work to other organisations and institutions. The activity will be formatted in the following way: overview of the process, especially what has been done, what could have been done better, what is the impact; overview of the campaigns, assessment and sharing in groups; developing recommendations based on the campaigns and experiences at the local level – discussions, group work, presentations; presenting the work to others and meetings with organisations and institutions, sharing the experiences, getting feedback, learning about other initiatives; polishing the recommendations and agreements for the future work; evaluation of the whole workplan, farewell. 

Everything will happen here in Brussels. Can’t wait to welcome our Superheroes here. Stay tuned!


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