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Youth in the heart of European decision making

From 7th to 9th of May, together, Young People from different international youth organisations gathered to exchange views and ideas of how to empower and promote young peoples’ role in decision making on a European level. 

The activity is linked to European Union Youth Dialogue (EUYD) – 8th Cycle, focusing on  “Youth Goal 9: Space and Participation for All” and a kickoff event with young decision-makers to share success stories of youth participation on a European level took place on the first day of that weekend seminar.

Under the current 8th Cycle of EUYD process, Youth for Exchange and Understanding International with a group of International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations – members of the European Youth Forum, brought together policymakers and young people in order to have concrete proposals of how to promote youth participation on a European Level.

 With the expertise and experiences of different Young Decision Makers and different tools on creating project proposals and storytelling, we developed different project proposals of how to promote youth engagement and how we can tackle barriers for youth participation on a European Level. 

At the end of our activity, the young participants shared their project proposals with the youth decision-makers and stakeholders,  focusing on actions that support the process of “engagement of youth in European policymaking.”



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