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YEU Strategic plan 2022-2025

The time has come for all of us to see where we want to steer our network in the upcoming years and on what topics we should focus on in our line of work as a YEU family. This process where our joint effort will result in clear guidelines and concrete goals for the YEU network we call Strategic planning and our Member Organisations (Mos) are the ones who have the biggest say. For the purposes of this process, the entire Governing Board, Administrative Office and two experts, Dragana and Matej, responsible for this process, have created a survey with all the necessary questions which with your answers will show the direction that YEU should be working in the next period.

As a follow-up to the survey, YEU held 2 focus groups at 11th and 12th of May where the participants discussed their survey submissions. Aiming to provide space for the representatives of MOs to express their views regarding the different elements of YEUs strategic development, the general purpose of the focus groups was to gather qualitative feedback and input regarding the strategic development of YEU as a network.  Through 2 interactive zoom sessions the main issues discussed were

– YEU strong sides and main priorities on which it should focus

– YEU challenges and aspects on which it should improve

– Practical elements and points on which the collaboration and impact of both YEU and the MOs can be strengthen

We would like to thank all of our MOs for their valuable input which will guide us towards a brighter YEU future.


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