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First online consultation EU Charter on Youth and Democracy

The European Committee of the Regions launched, in March 2022, in collaboration with European Youth Forum, a participatory project called “The European Charter for youth and democracy”. This is a consultative project involving multiple youth organisations from around Europe to create recommendations aimed at enhancing the participation of young people in social and civic life. The recommendations will be focusing on three levels of governance: the local and regional level, the national level and the European level. 

YEU is taking part in the discussion and on September 14th we joined the first online consultation where the delegates from different organisations contributed to the EU Charter for Youth and Democracy, focusing on the topics of 1) Education, cooperation and information, 2) Youth Empowerment, leadership and democratic participation, 3) Role of new technologies and digitalisation, and 4) Youth mainstreaming of policies and political representation.

In the next step of this process the delegates will gather in Brussels for a face-to-face consultation at the European Committee of the Regions.


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