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Know ECMA Project

The ECMA project or the European Changemakers Academy is a long-term project implemented by OBESSU (Organizing bureau of European School

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Badges4Good Project

Educational institutions, youth organizations, networks, libraries, museums, non-profit organizations, companies and government agencies can use Open Badges for many reasons.

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Coffee with MEPs

On the 11th June 2020, during GamifyEU month and in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, Youth for Exchange and Understanding

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Ivan Rosa

Senior Trainer

Having a legal background, I see non-formal education and experiential learning as a pure magic unlocking potential that for formal education remains hidden. As a trainer, I enjoy listening to people and helping them grow. I focus on:
  • Participation; trust me, the participatory approach is the future,
  • Entrepreneurship; particularly when targeted to youth
  • Project management; I believe life is a project, trying to write the fairly good one
  • Empowerment; as there is never enough of it

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